Gmail Old View by Default ( A Webmail Notifier Script )

14 Şubat 2010 | Etiketler: , , ,
Some people likes old view of gmail. They can change the view to old from below the page. But this is just a temproary view solution. Gmail does not open with old view by default. If you want to view gmail with old version you must bookmark

Other method to fulfill your desire is using Web Mail Notifer. It’s a firefox extension and you can check multiple gmail accounts with it. But there is a problem happens with the extension. When you click your mail account on extension, it’s redirecting you to new version. So it could be annoying for “old version lovers”. Since i’m an old version lover, i decided to make a script for Web Mail Notifier.

So i found the original gmail script which made by Web Mail Notifier developers, and modified it. But there is a problem with the script. When your Web Mail Notifier updates, this script won’t update itself. And it could be cause of several problems. But i’ll try to update script by myself. Because i love old view. :)

So, after these warnings you can download the script from here.

Enjoy it. :)

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